Make Money on Pinterest in 2024

Make Money on Pinterest in 2024

Make Money on Pinterest in 2024

Mar 22, 2024


How To Make Money On Pinterest In 2024

Primarily the home for fashion inspiration, cooking recipes, DIY hacks, and the occasional meme, Pinterest is one of the go-to social media platforms for a large number of people. And the numbers speak for the popularity of this platform. As per a report, Pinterest has 498 million monthly active users worldwide.

When you look at this number from a business perspective, it's a goldmine waiting to be tapped. It is the perfect place to grab customers’ attention during the research phase which can eventually lead to sales. And that's exactly what many creative entrepreneurs and brands have been doing. 

With the right strategies in place, Pinterest can become a lucrative source of income for anyone looking to make some extra money on the side or even as a full-time job. In this article, we will explore how you can make money on Pinterest in 2024 and take advantage of this platform's massive reach and engagement.

Your Pinterest Monetization Roadmap

Make Money on Pinterest in 2024

The Power of Pinterest for Business

Is It Really Possible To Make Money on Pinterest?

Step-by-Step Guide on How to Make Money on Pinterest

Via Affiliate Marketing

By Selling Products

Through Sponsored Content

Becoming a Pinterest Consultant

Through Pinterest Advertising

Tips To Make Money on Pinterest

Engage Your Audience

Tap Into Trends

Encourage Saves

Set Up a Shop

Utilize Metrics

Follow Pinterest’s Creative Best Practices

Focus on SEO


FAQ section

The Power of Pinterest for Business

Before we dive into the specifics of making money on Pinterest, let's first understand why it is such an attractive platform for businesses. Unlike other social media platforms where users primarily go to connect with friends and family, Pinterest is a search engine at its core. People come to Pinterest for inspiration, ideas, and solutions to their problems.

This unique aspect of Pinterest makes it a highly effective marketing tool for businesses. By creating visually appealing pins and optimizing them with keywords, businesses can reach a vast audience and drive traffic to their websites or online stores. In fact, studies have shown that 87% of Pinterest users have purchased a product because of something they saw on the platform.

Moreover, Pinterest's algorithm is designed to show users content that aligns with their interests and searches. This means that if your pins are relevant and engaging, they have the potential to reach a wider audience organically without you having to spend money on ads.

And if we talk about Pinterest ads, then they are also highly effective due to its visual nature and precise targeting options. Businesses can target their ads based on demographics, interests, behaviors, and even specific keywords.

Is It Really Possible To Make Money on Pinterest?

So, with the growing popularity and effectiveness of Pinterest, the question arises: is it possible to make money on Pinterest in 2024? The answer is YES! Many businesses and individuals have found success in using Pinterest for their marketing efforts.

Firstly, with 1.6 billion monthly visits, there is a huge potential audience to reach on Pinterest. This means that if you have a product or service to offer, there are high chances that someone on Pinterest will be interested in it.

Secondly, as mentioned earlier, Pinterest's algorithm favors relevant and engaging content. So by creating visually appealing pins related to your business or niche, you can attract more attention and potentially drive traffic to your website or online store.

Lastly, with the option of paid ads on Pinterest, you can also directly target your desired audience and increase visibility for your business. These ads are relatively inexpensive compared to other social media platforms, making it a cost-effective option for businesses of all sizes.

Step-by-Step Guide on How to Make Money on Pinterest


Now, let’s put theory into practice. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to make money on Pinterest:

Via Affiliate Marketing

As per HubSpot, “affiliate marketing is a performance-based marketing tactic in which a retailer, typically an online one, rewards a website with a commission for each customer referred via the website’s promotional activities.” The members involved in affiliate marketing are:

  • Affiliate: the person or business (retailer) who is promoting the product

  • Merchant: the business whose products are promoted

  • Network: the platform on which the product is promoted e.g., Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram

  • Customer: the person who buys the product

Affiliate marketing has become increasingly popular in recent years, with businesses of all sizes using it as a key part of their online marketing strategy. In fact, according to a report, affiliate marketing is responsible for driving 16% of all e-commerce sales and is expected to reach $40 billion by 2030.

One of the main reasons for this growth is the low cost and high return on investment (ROI) that comes with affiliate marketing. Businesses only pay affiliates when they successfully drive a sale or conversion, making it a cost-effective way to promote products.

Additionally, affiliate marketing allows businesses to expand their reach and tap into new audiences through the networks of their affiliates. This can lead to increased brand awareness and credibility, as well as potential customers who may not have discovered the business otherwise.

When it comes to Pinterest, affiliate marketing on the platform involves creating pins that link to a product or service, and earning a commission when someone makes a purchase through that link. For example, a fashion blogger may create a pin featuring an outfit from a clothing brand and include an affiliate link for their followers to purchase the items. This benefits both the blogger, who earns a commission, and the clothing brand, which gains exposure and potential sales.

Become a Pinterest Creator

According to Pinterest’s definition, Pinterest Creators are people who create original content to build a community and inspire others with their ideas. In the simplest of terms, a Pinterest Creator is anyone (including you and me), who creates content on the Pinterest platform.

Pinterest Creators can make money on Pinterest through several different avenues. This includes working with Pinterest directly or working with dedicated Pinterest agencies.

Working with Pinterest directly can include opportunities such as being featured on the platform's curated collections or receiving sponsorship deals for promoting certain products or services. This can be a great way to earn income and gain visibility within the Pinterest community.

Another option to make money on Pinterest as a Pinterest Creator is by working with Pinterest marketing agencies like Vizified. These agencies act as intermediaries between brands and content creators, connecting them for sponsored content and collaborations. This allows Pinterest Creators to partner with well-known brands and create unique, engaging content that resonates with their audience.

Working with an agency is also beneficial because they can help negotiate fair compensation for your work and handle all the logistics involved in sponsored content, such as contracts and deadlines. They may also provide resources and guidance on how to optimize your Pinterest presence, increase engagement with your audience, and make money on Pinterest.

In addition to earning income, working with agencies such as Vizified can also open up opportunities for networking and building relationships in the industry. This can lead to future collaborations and partnerships that can further grow your career as a Pinterest Creator.

By Selling Products

Selling products on Pinterest is a fantastic way to make money on Pinterest and engage with your audience in a more direct manner. When it comes to showcasing and selling products on Pinterest, visuals are key. 

High-quality images that are clear, captivating, and in line with your brand aesthetic can make all the difference. Utilize Pinterest's image-focused layout to your advantage by creating visually appealing pins that highlight the products you're selling.

Incorporating product rich pins can also enhance the shopping experience for your audience. Rich pins provide additional information directly on the pin itself, such as real-time pricing, availability, and where to buy the product. This added convenience can increase trust, encourage users to make a purchase, and, in turn, help you make money on Pinterest.

When it comes to best practices for selling products on Pinterest, be strategic with your pin descriptions. Use keywords that are relevant to your products to improve visibility and reach. Additionally, consider creating boards specifically dedicated to different product categories to make browsing easier for your audience.

Adding direct links to your product pins is crucial for driving traffic to your online store or product pages. Make sure the links are functional and lead users directly to where they can make a purchase. Including calls-to-action in your pin descriptions can also prompt users to learn more or shop now, further encouraging conversion.

Remember to engage with your audience by responding to comments, questions, and feedback related to your products. Building a rapport with your followers can strengthen customer loyalty and increase the likelihood of repeat purchases.

Through Sponsored Content

Sponsored content is a form of advertising where brands pay to have their content promoted on various platforms. It involves creating and sharing content that looks organic and blends in with the platform's regular content, but it is actually paid for by the advertiser. This type of advertising is used to reach a larger audience, increase brand awareness, and drive engagemenkt.

Sponsored content can appear in various formats on Pinterest, such as promoted pins, promoted videos, or sponsored stories. Such posts are typically labeled as "sponsored" or "promoted" to distinguish them from organic content.

Sponsored content on Pinterest has become a popular way for brands to reach their target audience and increase brand awareness. To create sponsored content on Pinterest, brands can use Pinterest's ad manager tool to set up campaigns and target specific demographics, interests, and behaviors. They can also choose to promote their existing pins or create new ones specifically for the sponsored content.

The advantages of sponsored content on Pinterest are numerous. Firstly, it allows brands to reach a highly engaged and receptive audience. Users on Pinterest are actively searching for inspiration and ideas, making them more likely to engage with sponsored content that aligns with their interests.

Moreover, sponsored content on Pinterest has the potential to go viral, as users can easily save and share the pins they find interesting. This creates a ripple effect, further increasing brand awareness and reaching a wider audience.

Becoming a Pinterest Consultant

A Pinterest consultant is a professional who specializes in helping individuals or businesses maximize their presence and performance on the Pinterest platform. These experts possess in-depth knowledge of Pinterest's algorithms, best practices for content creation, and strategies for increasing engagement and driving traffic.

They provide guidance on optimizing profiles, curating boards, designing pins, and implementing advertising campaigns to achieve specific marketing goals. Pinterest consultants stay updated on the latest trends and changes within the platform.

Armed with this knowledge, they offer tailored advice that aligns with their clients' objectives, ultimately helping them stand out in a crowded digital landscape.

A Pinterest consultant can earn a decent income by offering their services to individual clients, small businesses, or even large corporations. They may work independently as freelancers or join a consulting firm specializing in social media marketing.

While becoming a Pinterest consultant can seem like a relatively easy way to make money on Pinterest, it requires a lot of hard work, dedication, and strategic thinking. In addition to being well-versed in the platform's features and algorithms, successful consultants must also have strong marketing skills and a deep understanding of their client's target audience.

Thus, we recommend that aspiring Pinterest consultants must start this role as a side hustle while maintaining a full-time job until they build a solid client base and establish their credibility in the market.

Through Pinterest Advertising

Pinterest advertising is a powerful marketing tool that allows businesses to promote their products and services to a targeted audience on the platform. Through Pinterest Advertising, companies can create visually appealing promoted pins that appear in users' feeds and search results, increasing visibility and driving traffic to their websites. This helps drive sales and conversions for businesses, making it an invaluable way to make money on Pinterest.

To get started with Pinterest advertising, businesses can use the Pinterest Ads Manager platform. This tool allows users to create and manage their ad campaigns, set budgets, and track performance metrics. It also provides valuable insights such as audience demographics and engagement rates, helping businesses make data-driven decisions for their future campaigns.

Other advantages of using Pinterest advertising include its highly engaged user base, with over 498 million monthly active users and a high percentage of them being female (more than 76%), as well as its long-lasting effects.

Pins have a much longer lifespan compared to other social media posts, meaning they can continue to drive traffic and conversions long after they are initially posted.

Additionally, Pinterest offers various targeting options such as interests, keywords, and demographics, allowing businesses to reach their desired audience effectively. This can help improve the return on investment (ROI) for advertising campaigns.

7 Tips To Make Money on Pinterest

Now that you know how to make money on Pinterest, here are some tips to help you increase your earnings:

  1. Engage Your Audience

The first step to making money on Pinterest is to engage with your audience. This means actively pinning, commenting, and interacting with other users. As mentioned earlier, Pinterest has a high percentage of female users, so make sure you create content that resonates with them. Pinterest offers analytical tools that can help you track your engagement and see what types of content are performing well with your audience.

  1. Tap Into Trends

Being cognizant of current trends can also help you make money on Pinterest. Keep an eye out for popular topics, products, and services that are trending on the platform. You can then create pins related to these trends or even collaborate with brands that align with them. This will not only increase your visibility but also position you as a thought leader in your niche.

  1. Encourage Saves

Pinterest is all about saving content and creating boards to organize them. This makes it crucial for you to encourage users to save your pins by creating visually appealing and valuable content. Use eye-catching images or graphics, include keywords in your pin descriptions, and offer useful tips or information that will entice users to save your pins for future reference.

  1. Set Up a Shop

You can create a shop on Pinterest that allows users to purchase products directly from your pins. Create a catalog of your products and link them to your website or online store. This will make it easier for users to purchase items they see on your pins, increasing the likelihood of conversions, and enabling you to make money on Pinterest.

  1. Utilize Metrics

Pinterest provides analytics for business accounts, giving you valuable insights into your audience, their interests, and the performance of your pins. Use this information to tailor your content and strategy to better reach and engage with your target audience. For instance, if you notice that your audience is primarily interested in food and travel, focus on creating more pins related to these topics.

  1. Follow Pinterest’s Creative Best Practices

Pinterest has specific guidelines and tips for creating successful pins. These include using high-quality, vertical images with minimal text, utilizing eye-catching visuals and branding, and providing clear and concise descriptions. Following these best practices will increase the chances of your pins being saved, shared, and clicked on by users.

  1. Focus on SEO

Lastly, don’t forget SEO if you want to make money on Pinterest. SEO involves optimizing your pins and boards with relevant keywords to make them more searchable on the platform. This will help your content reach a wider audience and increase its visibility. Make sure to use keywords in your pin titles, descriptions, and board names to improve their ranking on Pinterest’s search engine.

For example, if you are a travel blogger, you can use keywords like “travel tips”, “budget travel”, and “adventure destinations” in your pins and boards to attract users who are searching for those specific topics. Additionally, using hashtags in your pin descriptions can also improve their discoverability.

It’s important to note that Pinterest is not just a visual search engine, but it also uses text-based algorithms to categorize and recommend content to users. By incorporating SEO tactics into your Pinterest strategy, you can increase the likelihood of your pins getting noticed by potential customers or clients.

Here are some Pinterest SEO tips to help you.


There are several ways to make money on Pinterest, such as the ones mentioned in the blog. With the right strategy, consistency, and effort, you can turn your love for pinning into a profitable venture.

Agencies like Vizified can also help you grow your presence on Pinterest and drive traffic to your website. Whether it’s creating eye-catching pins or optimizing your profile for better discoverability, they have the expertise to take your Pinterest game to the next level and help you make money on Pinterest.

So don’t wait any longer - start implementing these tips and see the results for yourself! Remember, success on Pinterest is all about being strategic and consistent. Keep experimenting with different approaches and find what works best for you. Happy pinning!

FAQ section

  1. Can you really make money on Pinterest?

Yes! You can make money on Pinterest. The platform offers several opportunities to monetize your account, such as affiliate marketing, sponsored posts, and selling products or services directly on the platform.

  1. How do I get started making money on Pinterest?

The first step is to create a business account on Pinterest. This will give you access to analytics and other tools that can help you track your progress and improve your strategy. Next, identify your niche and audience and start creating high-quality content that resonates with them. Don't forget to optimize your pins for SEO to increase their visibility.

  1. Is it necessary to have a large following to make money on Pinterest?

No, having a large following is not necessary to make money on Pinterest. While having a engaged and loyal following can certainly help, there are other ways to generate income on the platform such as through sponsored content, affiliate marketing, and selling products or services directly on Pinterest.

4. How can I use Pinterest to promote my business?

Pinterest offers a variety of tools and features designed specifically for businesses. You can create eye-catching pins that showcase your products or services, engage with your audience through comments and messaging, and utilize advertising options to reach a larger audience. By consistently posting valuable and relevant content, you can attract new customers and drive more traffic to your website.