It’s a well-known fact nowadays that the way to marketing your brand or product is through the world of social media.
But how exactly do you go about it? Which social media sites are most suited for your business?
Pinterest has embodied a vital role in marketing since a while now. If you’re not using it yet, here are 12 reasons why you should!

It’s the ideal site for visual branding since the main content are pictures (and text, which you can add as an option). We highly suggest you use this option to link to your own website. Many people who have started using Pinterest marketing for their brand have noticed a definite increase in sales.
So let’s get to the part you came here for: the 12 reasons!

1. Strengthen your brand

Getting your name out there is vital for creating familiarity under buyers! By having an appropriate profile name and adding descriptions to your images, your brand will emit a certain feel and story. Make sure to add enough information (but don’t overdo it!).

2. Drive heavy traffic

When users click on your image, they will instantly be redirected to your site thanks to the handy hover option included on Pinterest. So don’t forget to add links if you are uploading your images!
There are over 70 million Pinterest users and still growing rapidly. Pinterest is a referral powerhouse and is responsible for 41% of ALL e-commerce traffic.

3. Market Research

Pinterest is great for quickly visualizing the current trends and hot items among people. Even though pinterest is about 70% female, never forget that their husbands, relatives or boyfriends could also be looking at their pinboards for inspiration when trying to come up with the perfect gift.
In fact, Women fueled Pinterest’s first big growth, but marketers should keep an eye on men too as the number of U.S. men on the social bookmarking network increased 73% in 2014

4. Gain popularity

The magic lies in other people sharing your content: the more people get a chance to view it, the more might actually take that extra step and click on the image, which in turn leads to them ending up on your website and possibly making a purchase! The more popular your pins get, the more traffic you’ll get.
Pinterest users remain engaged for roughly fifteen minutes straight. This offers a tremendous opportunity for pinterest marketing to catch their attention.

5. Be an authority in your line of business

There are so many brands out there nowadays, so more now than ever it’s important to stick out above all the rest. Give the consumer what they want: high quality pictures, a unique product and even a story that they can relate with and think about.

6. Free marketing from your fans

If people find an image visually appealing, they will want to share it with their friends or pin it on their board. So don’t waste money on different kinds of marketing strategies; instead just get the basics right. These are: beautiful images that will turn heads and good descriptions to go along with them.

7. Customer engagement through contests

People like free stuff. Or rather, they LOVE it. Creating a contest inspiring to take beautiful pictures of your product in action will cause a ripple, and who knows, in the end even a wave! They will make the image, share it, pin it… which means more popularity for you! This doesn’t cost you much in comparison to the exposure you’ll be receiving.

8. Widen your product exposure

The internet is linked together through all the social media websites: so one pin could end up going on twitter, Facebook, etc. So don’t forget about the other social media websites at your disposal.
80% of purchases through Pinterest are made via mobile with an average order value higher than Facebook and Twitter at $80

9. Boost sales

Pinterest users just love to shop. In fact, 93% of pinners said they use Pinterest to plan for purchases, and quite astonishingly ”87% of pinners have bought a product on Pinterest,” which is key for social selling. By creating several pin boards based on different kinds of consumers could also come in handy. Some like it fluffy and pink, some like it a bit more mature and serious. Create these boards according to your target audience.
Pinterest’s new Buyable Pins will boost your sales even more. It’s the simple, secure way to buy your favorite products on Pinterest on your iPhone or iPad without ever leaving Pinterest. That’s right. All the products you pin on Pinterest can be bought there and then. Find out more about the “buy it button” below:
Buyable Pins: All You Need To Know

10. Longer post exposure

The average lifespan of a Pinterest post is way longer than Facebook. Facebook for example usually doesn’t last longer than 2 hours, while Pinterest posts can last up to 3-4 months! This is because of the ripple effect: your fans will take care of this by pinning and re-pinning.
A pin can remain in the public eye 1600x times longer than content on other social media sites.

11. Excellent SEO strategy

Keywords are.. well.. key! Thanks to Google, finding your boards will be easier than you ever imagined!

12. Free Sales Promotion

Pinning is easy! No need to hire anyone, just do it yourself! Everyone loves free stuff.. and so do you!

Follow these Pinterest marketing tips and you will be well on your way to increasing your followers and in turn traffic to your website. If you invest a little bit of time into this growing platform, you’ll be rewarded with higher quality customers and increased social conversions.

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