You must have heard this age old adage that ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’.
Well, looking at how successful marketing through a totally visual social platform that Pinterest is, we safely vouch that this wisdom holds true in business promotion as well.
Pinterest has 100 million users and the number is climbing higher with each passing day.
Just think, what being able to tap these millions and millions of potential customers could do to your business’s bottom line! Due to Pinterest’s high conversion rates, even a small percentage of Pinterest users checking out your brand can mean increased traffic and sales.
Hold your virtual horses, merry marketer! Don’t go rushing to Pinterest, not just yet.
You first need to know the very critical, make-or-break component of Pinterest marketing.
Do you know how to get your Pinterest promotional planning right? If not, it is time you read the following blogs that have decoded the secrets of successful Pinterest marketing.
We have selected top 30 blogs on the topic for you. Read, check out, gather tips, get inspired and learn how to get those vital conversions.

1) Pinterest for Business Blog

Get it straight from the horse’s mouth at Pinterest’s own business blog where every post is a potential business booster idea for marketers. Tools, case studies, success stories, guides – there is an Aladdin’s treasure cave out there for those who want to give pack a wallop in their Pinterest marketing moves.
Do check this recent post: How Pinterest Drives Double Digit Brand Shifts

2) BufferApp Blog

Useful, actionable, reliable, and very impactful. That’s Buffer’s Blog for you! This is a great blog that does not take the high road but gets you to your destination all the same with its incredible advice delivered in simple, conversational language. Read this blog to stay updated on social media changes and keeping your Pinterest marketing strategies sharp.
[Tweet theme=”basic-white”]Useful, actionable, reliable, and very impactful. That’s @Buffer’s Blog for you![/Tweet]
Check this post: Pinterest’s Ads Manager: How To Promote Your Pins Using Pinterest’s New Advertising Tools

3) Tailwind Blog

blogs for pinterest marketing
A content-rich blog that bursting at seams with very practical Pinterest marketing advice, tips, and tools. A total problem solver destination for the Pinterest beginner as well as the pro. Do check out their handy infographics and the Pinterest Analytics Tool that makes result tracking easy-peasy as a-b-c.

4) MCNG Marketing

Run by successful Pinterest marketer and professional speaker Vincent Ng, this is a not-to-be-missed blog for you. Vincent has delivered several Pinterest marketing successes and is happy to share his tips, tools and updates with the world.Read MCNG Marketing regularly and secrets of Pinterest will become clearer and clearer
[Tweet theme=”basic-white”]Read MCNG Marketing regularly and secrets of Pinterest will become clearer and clearer[/Tweet]

5) Rebekah Radice

A Top 10 Social blogger, author and digital marketing agency owner Rebekah Radice works to make business owners and entrepreneurs maximize gains from Pinterest and other social media platforms. She often gives Pinterest-specific tips (Check out this awesome post)

6) Neil Patel – Quicksprout

A prolific blogger and marketing expert who posts on alternate days and writes long impactful articles, Neil Patel has been called ‘One of the Top 10 Online Marketers’ by no less a powerhouse than the Forbes. WSJ has referred to him as ‘A Top Web Influencer’.Naturally when Neil he says something, marketers listen attentively. Read his blog and you will find much to steer you by through the marketing rapids.
[Tweet theme=”basic-white”]Naturally when Neil he says something, marketers listen attentively[/Tweet]

7) Social Media Examiner

An eye-catching blog that’s packed to the brim with high quality content on how to get your brand going through Pinterest and other social media platforms. Its tagline ‘Your Guide to the Social Media Jungle’ sums it up very nicely. Refer to often for great advice from seasoned professionals and high profile guest bloggers.
Do check out this section that has much to offer to make your Pinterest marketing powerful.

8) Curalate Blog

This is the blog for all things related to visual marketing. Your Pinterest marketing strategy can get a solid and substantial boost through useful advice given so beautifully and simply through easy-to-follow infographics on this amazing blog that’s as much a pleasure to look at as it is to read through.
[Tweet theme=”basic-white”]‘At the core of every successful social media campaign is great visual content’.[/Tweet]

9) Peg FitzPatrick

Social media strategist, visual marketing pro, speaker and author Peg FitzPatrick is one of the top names in this field and her blog (a Top 10 Social Media blog in the Social Media Examiner List) bears testimony to her success. It is jam-packed with practical solutions to set your sales climbing higher via Pinterest marketing.

10) Kim Vij: Discover How To Use Pinterest For Your Business

A successful Pinterest pioneer and consultant, Kim Vij co-hosts #pinchat on Twitter with Kelly Lieberman every Wednesday. [Tweet theme=”basic-white”]A successful Pinterest pioneer and consultant, Kim Vij co-hosts #pinchat on Twitter with Kelly Lieberman every Wednesday[/Tweet] Her blog is bursting with great inputs on getting Pinterest marketing tools, techniques and strategies. Solving the mysteries of Pinterest – that’s how Kim puts it.
Do read this blog post for starters: Can Pinterest Work For Your Business? And Heres How

11) Manly Pinterest Tips

Yes, I know that Pinterest is overflowing with feminine décor, party food, dainty hairstyles, wedding ideas, fashion and make up tips. However, Jeff Sieh, the premier Pinterest podcaster has many tips on [Tweet theme=”basic-white”]‘Manly Pinterest Tips: the ways of what it takes to succeed on Pinterest by adding testosterone, one pin at a time.’[/Tweet]
Do follow this blog to find the right audience for your brand.

12) White Glove Social Media

A great blog by Pinterest expert Anna C. Bennett that’s as delightful visually as it is content-wise. Hallmarked by simplicity and packed to the rafters with useful tips on growing, traffic, sales, brand profile, profits and market share. Not for every business though as this blog is focused only on businesses in home décor, hair & beauty, food & drink, health & fitness, and fashion verticals.

13) ViralWoot: Improve Your Pinterest Marketing

Viralwoot is a leading Pinterest tool for every aspect of Pinterest Marketing and they also have some effective tips for maximise your pinning success. On this blog, social media’s best content creators from all professional walks gather to showcase the best on their platform. A great place for learning how to get things right on Pinterest.

14) Constant Contact

This is an email software marketing company blog that’s (naturally) focused more on email marketing than on Pinterest. Still, its Pinterest marketing advice is worth its weight in gold for being so spot on. There is plenty of Pinterest-related content here. Do go through it. We guarantee that you won’t be disappointed.

15) Vertical Response

Like Constant Contact, Vertical response too is an email software marketing company blog with more focus on email marketing and less on Pinterest. Again, like Constant Contact, their Pinterest advice is limited but excellent. That’s quality over quantity, marketers. Go, browse through!

16) Pinnable Business: Pinterest For Business

Case studies, guest posts from top pros, powerful infographics, helpful tips – get all this and more at this wonderful blog run by two well known online marketing geeks called Janet Thaeler and Paul Wilson who saw potential in Pinterest way before others did. A must-visit, must-browse destination for a marketer who wants Pinterest to improve his (or her) business’s bottom line.

17) Born To Be Social

A bilingual blog (in English and French), this beautiful blog helps you ‘Pin To Win Business’. The baby of social media consultant Mary Lumley, it gives you great ideas on driving website traffic and generating new business via Pinterest, and doing it all without getting over-sales-y. Do read (and view) this amazing article.

18) Simple Pin Media

A wonderful blog for the Pinterest novice as well as the pro. Presented by Kate Ahl, it gives simple, step-by-step, actionable tips to take your business places via Pinterest marketing. There is a great weekly Q & A feature to look forward to every Friday.
And yes, there is a wonderful gift for marketers on this blog…
Sign up and you get their FREE 2016 ULTIMATE PINTEREST MARKETING PLANNER. Do check out this very useful blog post: 5 Ways To Be Successful On Pinterest

19) The Official Pinterest Blog

Top pins, hottest trends, latest apps, useful tips and tools – see it all at this blog. To keep your brand presentation fresh, be sure to check out their monthly trend reports like this latest one: What’s Popular On Pinterest This Month

20) Krishna De

A great resource for some nifty ideas on visual marketing through Pinterest. A brainchild of digital marketing, brand engagement and social media speaker, commentator and mentor Krishna De, this blog helps you get your digital and visual content marketing hit bull’s eye on Pinterest.

21) Anna Zubarev

Social media expert and self-confessed Pinterest addict Anna Zubarev (better known as Anna Z) regularly posts Pinterest-centric articles on her utterly readable blog where there is a full treasure trove of worthy advice for Pinterest marketers to get their act sailing smoothly and without hiccups.
Check this simple yet impactful article to know what I am talking about: Pinning Strategy Checklist To Get The Most Re-Pins

22) Crafter Coach

If you have a crafting business and are looking for help to sell your stuff on sites such as Etsy, this is the blog that can give you the momentum to get going through Pinterest. Powered by Craft Coach and podcaster-blogger Kat Jarman, this is worth your time and effort for sure.
Several articles on her blog are tailored to answer your puzzles and posers vis-à-vis marketing on Pinterest. Do check out this great article on how to make Pinterest work for your craft business.

23) Strong Social

This blog is rich in curated content sourced from premier publications and sites. The posts are usually focused on social media tips from industry experts. It is not exclusively devoted to Pinterest but has many posts that can be of immense help. For example, check this post: 7 Pinterest Tools For Marketers

24) Epreneur TV

A Pinterest tip-rich blog from entrepreneur and business mentor, Tehmina Zaman, is dedicated to making online women entrepreneurs successful. Naturally, her blog has several gems of advice vis-a-vis Pinterest which is easily the most visited visual-oriented social media platform.
Take a look at this great post that tells you how to make the most of your Pinterest efforts: Pinterest For SEO

25) Pinterest Pro Solutions

A no-nonsense but very witty, very useful blog (Check out this post) from Pinterest Pro Anna Vanlandingham who is also credited with developing a ‘Pinterest Mapping strategy to assist business owners with Pinning their way to Profitability’. Chock-a-bloc with smart ideas, tips and tools to get your Pinterest moves right from the word go.

26) Social Times

This AdWeek blog covers a wide cross section of social media news. Do note that this is not your average ‘how-to’ blog. Visit it to stay updated on what’s happening on Pinterest and how it can affect your business’s marketing plans on this network. (For example, check out this Pinterest-centric post

27) Pin Talk

This is a good blog for the starter as well as the regular. Penned by social media strategist Michelle Held, it has numerous crisp and concise posts on all things Pinterest. Rich in how-to’s, tutorials, problem solvers, this is your go-to place for a ready reckoner type of Pinterest learning.

28) Pincredible Marketing

News, tips, profiles, favorite pins – social media business consultant and trainer Lisa Devereaux shares them all on this Pinerest marketing blog. If you are a rank beginner on Pinterest, be sure to check out this blog post.  If you are a veteran, do read The Power Of Pinterest in Lead Generation, to stay on track and increase your website conversions.

29) The Blog Maven

Screen Shot 2016-05-13 at 16.22.05
Marketing strategist Jeni Eliot helps you ‘blog smarter’ with her numerous tips and tools. Do read, Optimize Your Pinterest Profile For More Traffic, to get your marketing moves right on Pinterest.

30) Vizified Blog

Last but certainly not least is our own blog. Any deserved marketer has to toot their own horn from time to time. The majority of the current, data driven Pinterest marketing content is by James Waddington. Co-Founder of luxury car platform Carhoots, he helped turn it around into one of the biggest brands on Pinterest in the world. Growing from 0-2 Million followers in just 1 year time.
Find out how he did it in the ultimate Pinterest guide below…