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Vizified Influencer Guidelines & Terms Of Use Agreement

Becoming an influencer with Vizified can be a great personal and financial opportunity. We want to ensure that you get the best out of your partnership with us, so here are some policies and guidelines to help you understand our campaign structure, how to pin effectively and our terms of service.


Campaign Types

Recently, Pinterest made significant changes to their own Terms Of Service. It is essential all influencers familiarize themselves and understand Pinterest’s own Terms of Service before entering into an agreement with Vizified.

Among other things, these changes affected how pinners can be compensated by brands and agencies. Since communicating with Pinterest it has become clear that they have no intention of allowing ppc and paid pins on their platform and at any time in the future.

Vizified has worked with Pinterest to find a way for Influencers to continue paid curation in a manner that is in the best interests of both influencers and Pinterest.
Here’s what this means:

  1. Photographic curation of own pins
  2. Article/Infographic curation and pinning images from article
  3. Shared campaign boards

At Vizified we work alongside the brand and influencer on a personalised campaign where they can choose from the 3 above options. The clients choose the right plan for their goals whether it be brand exposure or direct traffic based on a personalised consultation with them.

We have our own in house designers and content writers and offer an unparalleled service. However many influencers use their own photos/pins/content to create the maximum engagement and performance for a campaign.


Campaign Guidelines

When a brand creates a Vizified campaign we contact all influencers to ask if they want to participate. This usually comes down to whether the influencer considers the brand a good fit for influencers audience. Once influencers agree to participate in the campaign we offer you the following options to create your own branded pin(s):


  1. Use artwork created by “Vizified” team
  2. Create your own images/pins from a selection of provided artwork from the brand (usually in the form of a montage etc).
  3. Photograph the product yourself after the brand ship a product sample to you.


If you’d like Vizified to create & publish on your behalf you can provide us with access to particular board you would like the pin to be uploaded to.


Point 3 is subject to the brand agreeing to send products to the influencer. Some influencers are willing to sacrifice their own unique, high quality photos and use the provided artwork from the brand to create a montage or edited version. This usually saves on time associated with arranging a photo shoot. Often, influencers wish to maintain high quality boards so are willing to invest the additional time. We like to cover all bases and ultimately make our influencers as comfortable as possible.


Once artwork is ready to go live Vizified team gives influencer the go ahead to publish created pins. Vizified provides information on how long the campaign will run for and how many times you should pin your images over this period. We also suggest descriptions/titles you can use and the url you pin should point to. Our priority though, is that we allow you (influencer) to have as much creative freedom as possible while still being able to meet the requirements set out and agreed with the brand so we can compensate you.




Pinner Etiquette & Best Practices

Please note that all product images rightfully belong to the brands on whose site they appear. If you violate the above policies, they may ask for your pins to be removed and for you to be taken off the campaign.



The Vizified team closely monitors our network’s pinning activity, and they will contact you and work closely with you if you’re pinning does not align with Pinterest’s and our guidelines. If you’re pinning becomes overly and consistently inauthentic, we may consider you a poor fit for our network, and it could lead to fewer campaign offers.



Other Helpful Vizified Resources

Vizified has set structures and processes in place with a focus to streamlining and simplifying the influencer/brand campaign relationship as much as possible. That said,  many brands and influencers often have specific requests or requirements that asks for a level of flexibility on both sides (influencer/brand). We see this being a vital element to creating the best possible platform and ecosystem for all parties.


Below is some additional reading material that may prove helpful for you.




Compensation & Payment


Vizified has a strict application process when accepting influencers and we’re happy to inform you that you are a perfect fit for our influencer community. Many other influencer platforms and accept ANY influencers with over 10,000 followers with a view to growing quickly and making money even quicker! The problem is that the compensation they pay influencers is often ‘click based’ ($0.01 per re-pin, like etc.). This usually isn’t worthy of the investment in time and quality is often compromised along with reputation.


Myself and the rest of the Vizified team set out to create a tight-knit community of no more than 10 influencers with a strong focus on high quality and a personal relationships. One of the ways we are achieving this is to offer a more lucrative compensation structure that includes commissions and in time potential stock/equity options in the Vizified business.


Ultimately the win-win from becoming a Vizified influencer is that you could effectively be participating in multiple campaigns per month earning commissions on each monthly campaign for uploading pins to your Pinterest account. Our sales team are ramping up our efforts to partner with and bring on board more and more brands in 2016 to which you will only benefit from. We also offer extra bespoke services such as ‘sponsored blog posts’ at the same level of commission.


We are also currently exploring equity and stock options in the Vizified company for long serving influencers… perhaps a conversation for further down the line 🙂


We distribute payment the first week of every month for the previous month’s earnings via PayPal or a physical check sent via snail mail. Please provide your paypal address or mailing address so we can ensure you receive this on time.
Third Parties


Vizified understands how influencers work and we never ask you to sign any contract of any kind. We also never tie you into only working exclusively with Vizified. By becoming a Vizified influencer however, all Influencers acknowledges and agrees that for a period of 12 months from the date of influencers last completed Vizified campaign not to directly or indirectly solicit competitive business from any client or customer of the organization, nor for the same period of time, will they perform services or accept any business, competitive with that of Vizified, directly or indirectly from any of the customers and clients described above, which involves performing similar functions or acting in a similar capacity as when acting as a Vizified  influencer.
Any website or company that offers you compensation to drive clicks or referrals to their page via your Pinterest account is not permitted to do so under both your agreement with Vizified and Pinterest. If a brand reaches out to you with an offer that involves your Pinterest account, please make us aware. This gives us the chance to negotiate on your behalf while upholding Pinterests standards of quality and compensation. Even if you are not interested in working with that brand, passing on to your Vizified rep could lead to compensation in the form of a referral commission.
Finally, the other legal stuff.








If you have any questions or queries please email Vizified Founder Lee Malcher (Lee@vizified.com) and he will get back to you as soon as possible.