Pinterest is on the verge of re-inventing online shopping, something which seems inconceivable, especially when it first launched in 2009 as an “online scratch book”.

What is Pinterest, you ask? Listen up as this is the time to be aware of the medium that is in the catapult prime for blast off, the reason your business needs to be on Pinterest, now!

In its simplest terms it is described as a photo sharing website. It’s depth is like no other, the tools to ‘browse’, ‘pin’ and ‘share’ images from all around the world of anything that you are interested in opens avenues of creativity and desire in any person. Pinterest combines the best of both worlds social and e-commerce. Allowing creation of wish lists and sharing them pin by pin or board by board with friends.
It is not a social network of people, it is a social network of things” Rachel Goodman, Partner manager of Fashion and Luxury at Pinterest explains at the Digital conference on Oct 21st. “You’re there to connect with objects, not your friends. Understanding the mindset of the consumer on Pinterest – they are actually there to shop for the future“. That is why Pinterest is poised to take the crown in social commerce, the connection is built a different emotional construct and their interface is optimizing the desire to buy with a simplistic the beta run of their buyable pin is proving more than explosive for their growth.
Currently Facebook and Twitter have a lead in social commerce as they monetized their platforms in the summer of 2014. Unlike Pinterest who launched the ‘buyable’ pin in US in July 2015. Facebook and Twitter both have some viability in being an e-commerce interface for brands and influencers but it’s not a natural flow, it’s an interruption to the purpose of the users activity.
Pinterest works quite simply. Individual images known as pins are organized onto boards which are focused on specific topics. Those boards can be followed by others who have an interest in that topic individually or your entire collection of boards. Most users pick and choose boards which are relevant to them and therefore control with great detail the content themes that reach their dashboards.
The Pinterest dashboard is optimized to allow easy viewing of the pins, simple call to action buttons that heighten engagement and now with the introduction of buy it button, the process of purchasing is streamlined for the user and the business owner to captivate the users desire instantaneously and complete a purchase. Not that Pinterest really needed much help with their conversions, According to a study Pinterest ran with Millward Brown, 87% of Pinterest’s 100 million monthly active users have made a purchase after seeing a product they liked on the platform. And that was before the buy button was introduced.
Last week whilst searching for my soon to be one year old’s birthday cake ideas, without effort I was inundated with party ideas that can fuel the mummy wars for generations. The coverage for birthday parties (Not just birthdays – but pretty much any life event) is vast, from a party planning printable planner to the decoration ideas, party games, recipes for healthy finger food, even found a gorgeous party dress and purchased it! All of this I collated on a board that I could access through the Pinterest app with two clicks on my smart phone. Easy, slick organization, that may as well have been a personal assistant in my pocket.
It’s nearly hard to believe that this resource is completely free for users. Registration doesn’t take much time, defining your interests and getting started with creating boards is easy, even my mother can do it. This accessibility makes it a viable mainstream platform for everybody. So if you don’t have an account already, you should join now and experience for yourself what it’s like to be a ‘Pinterester’.
Everything is there in that one app, (80% of Pinterest browsers use their mobile) you can navigate through collections and collections of pins from all different websites and sources and you don’t have to worry the next time you are having a fancy dress dinner party that your decorations will disappoint you. Pinterest has you covered. Be it Dracula Castle, Gatsby world, or Victorian England Pinterest has you covered. You will be amazed at things you can create using it and then share tons of your images online. On Pinterest you can have fun and gain thousands of followers that you share your love with. What’s not to love?

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Pinterest is a wonderful world that is transforming small businesses into selling machines and normal people into pinning superstars. Celebrities are even trying to get in on the action. Michelle Obama joined Pinterest due to the influence she could have on key demographics in the lead up to the 2012 elections. Ellen DeGeneres provides content that wouldn’t usually be distributed on her social channels as it appeals to the audience members that her TV show would like to target.
Brands are seeing the potential too, some have built a great engaging presence like Nordstorm with 4.4million followers, or shops like Target zoning in on the top 10 and using their pinning power to sell ranges to their target audience Advertising budgets are getting slashed as the results of influencer marketing is so profound. Brands are looking for influencers that have niches that apply directly to their key audience.

The question is would you like to become one of these Pinterest superstars? The correct term is ‘Pinterest Influencers’. Kyla Brennan of Hello Society says ‘It’s not that it is actually easy to become, because unlike other social media phenomenon’s, Pinterest has very few stars and even less fluctuation.’ Even more interestingly she writes that becoming a Pinterest star could earn you not just online ‘fame’ but loads of money too. This is achieved through commission based brand endorsements with top Pinners.
And this where we come in, here at ‘Vizified’ our mission is simple; to increase brand awareness, drive additional sales, and acquire more customers for you and your brand. We follow a quick and easy process that saves you time and effort and brings amazing results.
You simply choose what you would like our influencers to create for your brand, then we publish it only after we optimize the visual content based on your brands theme and requirements and then we amplify this through social networking by exposing your brand to over 2 million of our Pinterest followers. The visual web is the new ‘it’ market place that can reach audiences from all over the world and evoke real emotion with images that connect to people on a personal basis. Don’t wait. Launch your brand onto the visual web today!