Pinterest and Shopify have partnered to make selling products on Pinterest easy, using Buyable Pins. This new pin has a Buy It Button and it lets consumers buy your products without ever leaving the Pinterest app. These Buyable Pins will revolutionize the way products are sold via social media and create a new visual marketplace for your Shopify store.
“Pinterest is already designed to work like a catalog, so we wanted to find a way to weave buyable pins into the pages people already know. Buyable pins are a simple and secure way to buy the products you love right from inside Pinterest.” Ben Silbermann, Pinterest CEO
It’s been no secret that Shopify have worked closely with Pinterest on the new Buyable Pins. After All Shopify is always pushing boundaries and creating new opportunities for its store managers, and this recent partnership with Pinterest means that Shopify are the 1st platform that businesses can use to sell using Buyable Pins. If you’re lucky enough to have a Shopify store then you’re in an exclusive club – you’ll be among the 1st in the world to be selling directly to the 80 million shoppers that use Pinterest every day.

What are you waiting for? Use Shopify Buyable Pins today!

How Buyable Pins Work?

1) Find the blue pins with the blue Buy It Button how-buyable-pins-work
2) The blue price vertical filter lets filters the results by cost. Look for the blue $ sign! buy-it-button-pinterest
3) Filter by colors if there is more than one option buy-it-button-pinterest
4) Want to buy? Click on the blue Buy It Button buy-it-button-pinterest
5) Pay on app via Apple Pay or Credit Card Screen Shot 2015-07-02 at 09.06.04
6) Users receive notification of order via email Screen Shot 2015-07-02 at 09.06.21 Screen Shot 2015-07-02 at 09.07.16

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How to set up your Shopify Buyable Pins?

It’s so easy to get started with the new Buyable pins. All you have to do is add the new Pinterest sales channel to your Shopify account and you’ll be ready to go within minutes. Once you’ve set it up, this will automatically enable Buyable Pins for all your products (old pins and new) found on the Pinterest platform. It gets better. This service is completely free!
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5 reasons why your store needs Buyable Pins:

1) Millions of engaged, consumers who love shopping shopify-buyable-pins

Each day, millions of consumers use Pinterest to discover, research, and share products that inspire them. In fact, over 70 million users are doing this meaning Pinterest gets 2.5 billion unique page views per month, a number expected to grow by 400% over the next three years. This means there is huge opportunity and it is ripe for the taking with Buyable Pins within this growing social media channel.
For Shopify businesses, this opens a door to a large new audience who are product orientated and just love to shop. In fact, 93% of pinners said they use Pinterest to plan for purchases, and quite astonishingly ”87% of pinners have bought a product on Pinterest,” which is key for social selling.

2) No Cost Screen Shot 2015-06-23 at 16.42.06

What’s great is that Pinterest isn’t charging for this cool new service nor taking a cut of merchants’ profits. If your business qualifies for Buyable Pins, you can start selling on Pinterest for FREE.](
Click Here If Your Shopify Business Qualifies

3) Safe and Secure how-buyable-pins-work

Buy products you see, securely, right on Pinterest. Buyable pins are optimized to make your buying experience go more smoothly, from pin to purchase, with no payment hassle. Using Apple Pay and other verified paying methods you can be absolutely sure your credit card info is completely secure. Not even Pinterest will store or share your information. So sit back, relax and buy the things you want to buy, with just a few taps on your screen.

4) All Shopify Product Pins are converted buyable-pins-guide

Once you’re approved by Pinterest, any product that’s ever been Pinned from your online store will automatically become a Buyable Pin and include a “Buy it” button. All of your Pinterest orders, products and customers will automatically be synchronized with Shopify, just like any other sales channel. If you aren’t yet a Shopify merchant and would like to sell using Buyable Pins, you’ll need to sign up for an online store with Shopify and set up the Pinterest channel.

5) Works with Analytics shopify-buyable-pins

Shopify Stores even have the added bonus of measuring engagement and sales. Store managers can now measure ROI by measuring and tracking the number of Pins, repins, and orders using the Pinterest Channel Dashboard in the Shopify Admin Panel.

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Final Word:

It’s getting harder and harder for brands to ignore the benefits of social media for e-commerce traffic, especially the phenomenon that is Pinterest. The growth of traffic coming from social platforms is massive with last year bearing witness to that – social referrals having increased about 200% between Q1 2014 and Q1 2015 – more than any other online channel.
Screen Shot 2015-06-23 at 14.55.01
Lastly, if someone is sharing e-commerce content socially, then the likelihood is they’re doing it on Pinterest! Pinterest accounted for 40% of the social traffic to e-commerce sites, with Facebook trailing in at 37%, indicating that it is one of the first social networks where people are in a buying mood.
This is where the larger networks like Facebook and Twitter have failed as they have been labeled too intrusive. Not for Pinterest, as consumers turn to it for inspiration on what to buy, to keep track of or collect things they like, and to stay attuned to trends. Pinterest is the E-commerce king.

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