Just picking any old image to accompany your content on Pinterest? Think again.

Yes, its great to have a pretty picture or great typography to make your pin look nice, but there is a much more psychological game to be played if you really want to get the best engagement from your Pinterest marketing efforts.

Curalate compiled an infographic which demonstrates their findings between the visual stimulation of pins and their social outcomes. They data mined info for 500,000 pins with an in-depth pixel analysis crossed with 30 key themes that showed to be potentially influencing the end users actions.
In this search, Curalate found that there were 8 particular themes that made the most impact to the social cues. They lye deeply in the photo composition’s impact on the sub-conscious mind.
Starting with the psychology of color, understanding the emotional magnetism to each color will have a large influence on achieving the desired outcome from the end user. The data in the infographic shows that Reddish-Orange tones in the images doubles the amount of re-pins you could achieve rather than using blueish tones. This is because reds are attention grabbing, it draws the user in. Where as Blue be cold and calm not triggering the user’s mindset to take action.

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The variety of colors, lightness and saturation of the image has a major impact on capturing the pinner’s attention. The image composition is best with <10% background, clear imagery and smooth textures. Achieving the balance is an art form that can reap huge rewards for your business interaction.
Depersonalize images by not having any ‘faces’. This makes a psychological influence by allowing the viewer to integrate themselves into the visual, resulting in over 23% increase in the likelihood that it will be repinned.
Finally, optimize your pin for the Pinterest platform by having the aspect of the image at 2:3 or 4:5 instead of tall images. This will captivate the user as the image fits their feed clearly without being skewed.

Pin this Optimised Image on your Pinterest

All of these Pinterest amrketing tips are to transform your outreach and limit the opportunity for someone to dismiss your content. Go forth and explode your pinning power.
Here’s the Top 8 Pinterest Marketing tricks to explode your pinning power infographic: