Piece by piece, Pinterest have been building a throng of tools that enhance the users ability to find exactly what they are looking for and more. This innovative step in the search engines capabilities is a logically perfect fit for the visual platform.

Have you ever found something in the corner of an image, totally fell in love with it, only to discover you can’t grasp the technical words to describe it with enough detail for a google search for your “must have it now” qualm?
On Sunday November 8th, Andrew Zhai, a software engineer in the visual discovery team of Pinterest unveiled “Tomorrow we’re rolling out a visual search tool that lets you zoom in on a specific object in a Pin’s image and discover visually similar objects, colors, patterns and more. For example, see a lamp in a Pin of a living room that you’re interested in? Tap the search tool in the corner of a Pin, drag the zoom tool over the lamp and scroll down for visually similar Pins”
Pinterest visual
Pretty much a visual version of Shazam, that is going to make every Interior designer and fashionista scream with joy, as a painstaking task of tracking down an item with the hopes of ever finding it can be reduced to one simple search that has an additional filter that enables the user to sift out similar but not relevant items.

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