Five years after it’s entry into the social media sphere the image-centric platform, Pinterest is one of the key players in e-commerce and visual marketing. It could be deemed the mother’s cheatsheet or the ultimate lifestyle guru, but the book marking tool can not define its boundaries as its users are constantly expanding the diversity in which pinning innovates.
Let’s pin down the top ten Power Pinners and see what they bring as influencers to the social sharing world.

10. HonestlyWTF

Follower Count: 6.1 million followers
Curated by two college friends turned stylists, who inspired each other through their mutual love for DIY fashion and craft. Erica Chan Coffman and Lauren Kolodny, built their blog together to visually explore the worlds of fashion, crafts, travel and art which easily blended into the Pinterest concept, they were early adopters and have a following of 6.1million. We can see why they are so popular influencers with their incredibly beautiful images and explosions of colour.

9. Pejper

Follower Count: over 7.1 million.
Pejper, a Swedish duo Sofia & Anna K, explore Scandinavian lifestyle with stereotypical minimalist imagery that could be considered a hipster’s how to guide. Men’s beards, films, technology and fashion, their passions run a little more masculine than most leading Pinterest influencers. Sofia and Anna digress their personal lifestyles with a stylised focus in an expansive 62 boards followed by over 7.1 million.

8. Molly Pickering

Follower Count: 7.1 million followers
This pop cultured young texan is a cinephile with a particular pension for small cute animals. Molly has defined her interests down to only 12 boards focusing on films, fashion & food. Her unique personality is striking in her choice of title names and her passion is clear for all 7.1 million followers to see.

7. Evelyn

Follower Count: 7.1 million followers
There is no denying that Evelyn is passionate about all things nature. From stunning landscapes, to micro insects and portraits of humans, her compassion and humanity is explored in an incredible 177 boards of telling imagery with a dash of nostalgia. It feels like Evelyn is inviting you in for a cuppa and cake as she explores the beauty of the globe from her pins, maybe that’s what intrigues all her 7.1million followers.

6. Bonnie Tsang

Follower Count: 7.3 million followers
An editorial and commercial photographer, Bonnie’s expression of artistic detail shows beyond doubt her talent. With her love for fashion, photography & interior design she showcases her work to all 7.3 million followers with a real sense of minimalism and intense personality.

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5. Jane Wang

Follower Count: 8 million followers
With 8 million followers Jane Wang has gained notoriety in her own right despite her son being the co-founder of Pinterest. Jane’s expansive coverage of everything lifestyle is explored in all 118 boards, predominate themes are focuses on the design, health and happiness of family life. Jane is without a doubt one of Pinterest’s most recognised influencers.

4. Poppytalk

Follower Count: 8.4 million followers
Poppytalk is very hands on with interiors making the most luxurious looks tangible creations for all. This prominent design blog utilises Pinterest with purposeful intention, exploring the trends in graphic design right through to floral arrangements.
Creating wanderlust in their 8.4 million followers through reflective pins of international restaurants and making an event extra special with top tips on entertaining your loved ones with quality food and unique detail. Adding that extra sparkle in to everyday lifestyle.

3. Bekka Palmer

Follower Count: 8.9million followers
Bekka Palmers cultural take on many of the main themes on Pinterest is portrayed with unique minimalism and diversity. The New York based photographer is a surfaholic who loves beautiful interiors whilst keeping up with the latest fashion, her 57 boards create a sense of relaxed beauty with a dash of adventure that keeps her 8.9million followers busy repining.

2. Maryann Rizzo

Follower Count: 9.3 million followers
Maryann is an interior designer who has built a comprehensive visual encyclopaedia of every element of interiors that you would ever think of. Then expands further into family, home life and beyond! Maryann’s intense commitment to her boards really could make any aspiring designer or house wife dizzy! Maryann hasn’t blended her personal life into her pins, unlike the other 10 influencers but still has a well deserved dazzling 9.3 million followers.

1. Joy Cho / Oh Joy

Follower Count: 13.1 million followers
Joy Cho the owner of the graphic design studio, Oh Joy, started out blogging as a hobby 10 years ago. Now, Oh Joy is at the leading edge of Pinning with over 13.1million followers. Joy steers her audience through a visual safari of stunning graphics that encapsulate her personal adventure of design, interiors, food and parenthood.
Delivering practical but gorgeous lifestyle tips as well as business guidance for fellow bloggers, her Pinterest is a rich and colourful demonstration of the perfect balance of business and pleasure. Personalised and passionate her 88 boards divulge an inspirational and stylized lifestyle that feels within reach.

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