Pinterest is ramping up its ad business this week with the news that it’s finally expanding its Promoted Pins product internationally. Starting with UK Promoted Pins.
Promoted Pins lets businesses pay to have their Pins (products) placed front and center in people’s feed. It can also be targeted at specific demographics.
>>How To Use Pinterest Promoted Pins<<
The number of people using Pinterest in the UK grew 50% over the past year, so now’s a great time to grow your business with Promoted Pins.
Promoted Pins are just like regular Pins, except they’re shown to more people, letting you increase sales, traffic and more.
Adele Cooper, the UK country manager for Pinterest, said: “Ideas from businesses actually help people get closer to finding the products and services that are right for them.

“Promoted Pins make it easier for brands to reach people who are in that ‘consideration mindset’ – open to inspiration from credible sources.
“No other platform has an audience this receptive. In return, Promoted Pins are proven to help businesses achieve their marketing goals from building brand equity to driving online sales.”

Promoted Pins have launched UK with brands including John Lewis, B&Q, Nestlé and Tesco. Henry Arkell, the head of social advertising at John Lewis’ media agency, was excited with the news about UK Promoted Pins and that Pinterest present unique opportunities for UK companies:

“Pinterest offers our advertisers a fantastic opportunity to reach people whilst they are planning for future life events…Whether it’s a holiday, wedding, home or DIY project, we can use Promoted Pins to deliver engagement which will lead to sales.”

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MADE.COM: A Pinterest Promoted Pins success story

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“Although it’s still early days, we’re thrilled with the success of our advertising on Pinterest to date. In order to understand the impact of our Pinterest advertising, we implemented conversion tracking from the beginning and we know that literally all of the items we’ve featured in Promoted Pins have sold, including our £999 sofa.
Our average order value from Promoted Pins is 23% higher than the site average. In addition, we know that 87% of the people who came to MADE.COM from Promoted Pins are first-time visitors to our site and new potential customers.”

— Tom Kay, Senior Online Acquisition Manager, MADE.COM

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