With 100 million users worldwide Pinterest is a great place to market your products. It takes a bit of time and commitment, but the results can be amazing.
One of our new team members Hege and also Pinterest Influencer has put together her top 5 top tips for Pinterest Marketing.
Oh, and you should listen as she has 300,000 followers (and growing) for her inspirational design account, HegeInFrance.

5) Install ‘Pin It Button’

The Pin it button or share buttons are crucial to any brand’s website. Add the pin it button to your website so your customers can share your products with their friends. This is a great way of getting your customers to promote products for you.
The pin it button can either been seen on each image when you hover over them or you can have a share button next to each image. Make it easy for you customer to use. Free marketing done by customers can be very effective. If they have a large amount of Pinterest followers and pin one of your images, they have created a link from their Pinterest account to your shop for FREE!
Most images on Pinterest have a link to a web site when you click on them, so when pinners click on your images they will end up on your web site. This will increase both sales and traffic.
It only takes a few minutes to install a pin it button. Find out how to add it here.

4) Make your account reflect your brand

When marketing your products on Pinterest don’t focus just on your own products. Pinners want to be inspired. For every 5-7 images pin on of your own images. Marketing works well on Pinterest, but only if it’s inspiring and looks good. Make your Pinterest boards interesting and reflect your company, as well as your brand vision. It can’t just be about you and your products as you will run out of items to pin quickly.
Here’s an example of a great Pinterest account.

This HushHome account reflects the brand. It’s casual, it’s inspiring, looks great and it’s not all about the company. They have spent time pinning inspiring images that goes well with their clothes. Sometimes the inspiration images even matches their clothes in colour.

“Respond to comments, like images and try to engage with your followers on Pinterest. The more you engage, the more people will engage with you.” (James Waddington Co-Founder, Vizified)

3) Connect with influencers

90% of consumers trust peer recommendations while only 33% trust ads. Influencer marketing is a highly effective way to stimulate conversation and awareness. Bloggers and large Pinterest influencers are often willing to promote your brand for a product in return or a small fee. Make sure connect with [influencers you think would be a good ambassador for your brand.]
Also, don’t forget to ask influencers to pin some images directly from your web site. This will create a link between the influencers Pinterest account and your web site. If a follower clicks on the image they will find themselves on your web site.

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2) Styled images and vertical pins

Use mostly styled images on Pinterest. Product images don’t work as well as styled images on Pinterest. Pinners are more likely to buy a product if they see the product in a nice setting. Companies like Ikea and H&M Home are now working with interior stylists to create beautiful interiors with their products and it’s working. The images from both companies are now well shared on Pinterest. If you can’t afford to hire a stylist and a photographer, approach bloggers and Pinterest influencers for help with images.

]4 Vertical Pin by Pinterest Influencer HegeInFrance

Over 1.8 Billion images are shared online every day, you want to make sure your images stand out. When taking photos keep in mind tht vertical pins outperform horizontal pins and have double the engagement.

1) Be consistent

If you’re looking to use Pinterest as a Marketing tool you have to be consistent or your followers will simply unfollow. Pin every day, at different times. The best day is Saturday. Afternoons and evenings are the best times of day.
We recommend between 5 – 30 pins every day. If you don’t want to sit down and pin every evening there are solutions. There are platforms out there which let you schedule pins. Try Buffer or Tailwind. You can make sure your entire week is filled up with great pins in a couple of hours.
We hope you enjoyed Hege’s tips and tricks to transform your Pinterest Marketing game. Now you’re one step ahead of the competition. For more Pinterest tips click here.
To find more about working with HegeInFrance on our influencer program. Click here now.