Pinterest Marketing: 10 of the Best Tools. We have defined 10 of the best tools that you can use to leverage your business on Pinterest. From tools that enhance and promote your pins to campaign management software for your visual content, even the best apps for you to create inspirational images, we have got it covered so you don’t need to waste time.

Let’s start with Pinterest’s own tools for business.
Promoted Pins – In the US Pinterest has enabled business users to promote their pins with the premise of helping you achieve greater awareness, engagement and traffic. Promoted pins will be prominent in search results, category feeds and targeted campaigns. It does come at a cost which has’t proved very budget effective yet with the average CPC being $0.50.
Alternatively, Influencer marketing used by companies such as HelloSociety and Vizified is more effective and possibly a lot more budget friendly too.
Rich Pins – Rich Pins cover six key areas apps, movies, recipes, articles, products and places, endeavouring to create a more effective user experience. Pinterest introduced ‘Rich Pins’ as a method of clarifying the details of the pin without the user needing to click further. Real time pricing, availability, recipes and reviews is lessening the opportunity for the user to be disinterested or frustrated trying to obtain information resulting in more sales for businesses.
Widget Builder – A promotional tool which creates widgets to implement on to your website that showcases your pins, boards or profile with the potential to allow the user to follow your Pinterest account with just one click. This tool can also has an ‘add to pinterest button’ which help your user engage in your pinterest by saving things they like to their Pinterest.

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Pinterest Analytics – The numbers game made easy, getting the detail on how your users are engaging with your content and pins has been made simple with Pinterest Analytics. Knowing the nitty gritty of your business helps you define your content to those who already engage. Pinterest also give you a leg up on what interests your audience by sharing detail on your audience’s common interests & other businesses they follow.

The Best Scheduling Tools

Consistency is tough, but with modern technology your social presence and business management can be a much simpler task. These scheduling tools can meet all levels of expectation, starting with free versions for the small start up businesses to the packaged up premium versions that advance into all round team management tools for progressive SMEs.

Here are the top three apps that can give you the edge on your Pinterest marketing management and growth.

Everypost– This free all in one social media management app works with up to 3 social media platforms (15 in the premium version) Curating your content in one place on your iphone / andriod capable app that can be used on all your hardware, customising your posts and scheduling the release is made simple. For $49/ month you get additional integrated team management and analytics of up to 6 social media interface interactions.
Buffer – Great user interface with an intelligent algorithm which helps you target your audience at times that are relevant to your interaction on existing business posts. Buffer integrates a number of social media applications with the opportunity to manipulate and tailor the message for each platform. The scheduler makes it easy to choose times across the world and essentially helps you be consistent with your social media output, the plugin for your web browser is smoothly integrated to all of your platforms and makes content creation very simple. All this for free too!

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Tailwind – free pinterest scheduling tool can help you create an optimal pin schedule instantly, with multiple pins can be queued including repins. In addition to scheduling and the standard analytics, you can analyse your competitors and view the trending pins in real time as well as get to know your most influential followers. If you want to stay ahead of the pack, this Pinterest marketing tool is for you.

And lastly, three tools that step up your business growth on Pinterest

Pingroupie – Would you like to collaborate on boards with others? Pingroupie makes it really easy for you to discover boards in all categories and sort them by popularity. You can join as a contributor, follow to keep an eye on the trendsetters or find out who’s board has the biggest following, most likes or most repins! Useful tool for the competitive yet open.
Pinalerts – Keep up to date when someone pins something from your website or a competitor’s website via email notification. Want to stay ahead of the game? this is your go to app for staying ahead of the Pinterest marketing game.
Canva – Image optimization and editing tool that has a dedicated Pinterest section that give you a quick start on getting the right visual. They have an extensive design library that will help any novice turn into a graphic designer at the click of a few buttons. As Pinterest is the luminary in all visual marketing, Canva can really help you stand out amongst the crowd.
Now we have explored the best tools for your marketing your business on Pinterest, what are you waiting for?