Pinterest Influencer Marketing is our forte as Vizified work with some of the biggest Pinterest influencers on the Planet. So it would be very rude to not ask them their best marketing tips to share with our audience.
We surveyed 10 of our biggest influencers from sophisticated design with April and May (4.1 million followers) to automotive Carhoots (1.9 Million followers) across our Pinterest interest spectrum.
To make your business emerge into a successful marketing machine then you might want to get familiar with these Pinterest Influencer Must-Dos:

1. Pin It buttons, they’re useful!

These buttons will get you noticed on Pinterest. If you add these people can pin your content and images a lot easier. For example: when added the Pin it button it led to 139 million impressions after about 50,000 recipes were added by people from their site.
The power of the Internet is awesome, isn’t it?

2. Post about different things

Your followers have a wide range of interests, so why would you only show them a little piece of what you’ve got to offer? Carhoots isn’t just about automotive, we have expanded beyond that niche into travel, bikes and even our popular ‘animals in cars’ board.
For example: post things that aren’t directly related to your business. Pinterest encouraged users to share their pinboards on different kinds of social media with their ‘Things to Try in 2015’. They tried it themselves and were satisfied with the results.

3. Use a Keyword Rich Pin Description

Keyword Rich Pin Description
The quality of a pin is essential, especially Pinterest descriptions due to the algorithm of the Smart feed. Quality, keyword rich descriptions will appear higher in Pinterest’s feed because it is less of a social media site and more of a visual search engine. Due to this the lifespan of a Pin can 3 1/2 months – 1600X longer than a FB post. Carhoots have worked with eBay as an influencer and they have pins that are still driving traffic from 2 years ago.

the lifespan of a Pin can 3 1/2 months – 1600X longer than a FB post.

4. Use Vertical images

Images that are wider across rather than longer in height have been found to be more appealing, indicate a professional photographic formatting and receive more views on the Pinterest Smart feed. April adn May have nailed this with their vertical, high end images that are optimised for Pinterest.
In fact, Pinterest partners Curalate recently released stats that showed these images between 2:3 and 4:5 aspect get 60% more Repins than very tall images.
“Images between 2:3 and 4:5 aspect get 60% more Repins”

5. Avoid Images with Faces

Depersonalize images by not having any ‘faces’. This makes a psychological influence by allowing the viewer to integrate themselves into the visual, resulting in over 23% increase in the likelihood that it will be repinned. Influencer HegeInFrance successfully integrates this into most of her design photos. The image is all about the setting and focus on the product rather than the person.

6. Nobody likes a dead end

You want to make sure your pins forward your followers to your business. You can generate a lot of traffic just from using Pinterest. You want to make sure it leads to your own website or blog. You can do this by simply adding a link to the description of your pins. If you want to get the most out of it, you will want to add a link to your photo caption too! You don’t want to end up missing out on valuable oppurtunities!

7.Rich Pins Rule

When you walk into a store you obviously want to know the prices of the objects that you fancy. Adding prices makes it easier for everyone to know how much it’ll end up costing them. You can always take this to the next level by using Rich Pins. They allow you to add more information, such as price changes or sales.
Pinterest will notify everyone that has your item pinned on their board when you make adjustments. This traffic more people back to your Pinterest and website and might even result in more profit. Who doesn’t like that?

8. Promote your pins

advertising-on-pinterest b
Pinterest has recently opened up their Promoted Pin functionality to U.S. businesses. Just like Facebook promoted posts, these pins will show up in people their newsfeeds, creating a bigger audience. In general Promoted pins are shared about 11 times, this can lead to 30% more exposure for your pins. It might not come cheap, but it’s well worth a try if you’ve got the funds.

Promoted pins are shared about 11 times, this can lead to 30% more exposure for your pins.

9. Pin offers to expand your subscribers

rich pins increase traffic
It’s not easy to build a large audience for you email list, but thankfully Pinterest can help you with this as well. Create pins that forward to an e-mail sign up form on your website.
Create an offer, maybe a video or ebook, and afterwards upload an image that advertises what you have to offer. Make it possible for your visitors to redeem the code, and receive the awards.

10. Keep an eye on your analytics

Last but not least: keep track of your traffic. Pinterest is definitely faster at building a larger audience than Twitter, LinkedIn and Reddit. So what about your website? Pinterest analytics can show you how much traffic your own websites get from your pins. It shows you in more details which pins are more popular than the other ones, so you can learn and post according to the more popular content.
By keeping these things in mind you’ll get the hang of it in no time!