With 100 million monthly active users on what is dubbed to be the most accurate window into consumer behaviour, Pinterest is stopping the advertising world in its tracks as the platform is storming the social & e-commerce worlds.
Pinterest is grasping its users at the earliest point in the consumer cycle and everyone wants to know how they can benefit from that unique selling point.
Today we discover Pinterest advertising and the five benefits to your brand.

Let’s learn a little more about the two Pinterest advertising techniques:

Promoted Pins

A promoted pin is simply a pin that has been paid to show up in targeted users dashboard, helping the content be discovered by more people. The promoted pin structure has three different marketing models which target different types of coverage:

  • Overall brand awareness
  • Targeting potential consumers still on the fence
  • Delivering the sale
    Influencer Marketing

    First of all an influencer is a person in a genre with a large and sometimes niche following. Leveraging the social power of an influencer can be very effective in creating demand for your brand. The influencer will either repin your content or create pins for your brand on their Pinterest boards for their followers to see.

    1. Brand awareness

    Essential to any brand is consumer awareness of you and what you provide. Have this very clear within the first 10 seconds of viewing your Pinterest page & website including your bios. Using a promoted pin will be very expansive and falls into the category one of the marketing model, which allows you to pay per thousand of impressions distributed on the platform.
    Alternatively, using an influencer to create awareness can be done with a simple re-pinned pin or of the influencer identifying your product in their pins and linking to your pinterest / online presence. If you have chosen the right influencer for your brand this could have a very large impact as they will be directly “speaking” to your target audience.
    Companies like Vizified can help you find the right influencer for you unique audience and help work together.

    2. Drive traffic to your website

    As both advertising methods will be linking to your content / online presence through the pin this will boost the traffic to your website. Ensure to capture this influx of traffic with an opt-in and a clear call to action that will maximize your return of investment.

    3. Increase followers

    Driving traffic to your online presence will create interest from your consumers. Your audience will be attracted to your content, topics or products and will want to follow you to keep up to date with your future outreach. Followers are usually very selective about what goes into their dashboard so gaining their followship is worth recognition for your future growth.
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    4. Reducing the investment risk

    Marketing model 3 for promoted pins helps reduce the cost of advertising on Pinterest significantly by only incurring a cost when the user has completed a transaction with the ‘advertiser’, this leg up ensure that money is not wasted on ineffective ‘adverts’.
    Influencers reduce risk as they are defined to your target market, your tribe! The people you know will want what you have got to offer. Compared to any other social platform that provides advertising, Pinterest has the highest rate of earned media and the advertiser can benefit from repins for free.

    5. Sales

    Through the brand awareness, increase in followers, drive of traffic to your website that either the promoted pins or influencer has created will result in sales as long as your call to actions are in place.
    ‘Buyable’ pins (available in the US) stream lines this process to ensure the advertising you have invested in is not lost by needing to click away from Pinterest.
    Vizified specialise in creating relationships between brands and social influencers. Contact us now to find out more about how we can help you boost engagement, traffic and sales through our influencers.