With our lives being increasingly infiltrated by advertising and technology, disillusioned consumer’s are making marketer’s work hard for their attention. One of the UK’s largest retailers can attest to this having made world wide news having spent $11 million on a 2 minute long advert to captivate their audience with a tale of “A man on the moon”

A whirlwind of social commentary and a few tear’s shed, consumer’s may well choose to gift someone special last Christmas from the John Lewis high street stores. Nevertheless, poignantly overpowering the “success” of the John Lewis advert is intense criticism due to the exploitation of elderly peoples vulnerability and neglect for the emotive connection. Leaving a bad taste in everyone’s mouth.
This is only a minute sample of the downfall paid advertising is facing, consumer’s are disengaged and desiring something different, something real.
Marketer’s are looking to forge an authentic connection with consumers, which is creating limelight around influencer marketing.
The explosive results that brands have been seeing just from dabbling in earned media has resulted in a shift in investment towards a more palatable and rewarding content distributed through trend making Influencers.
RhythmOne released “Influencer’s marketing benchmarking report and guide” in August this year, the guide clarifies the extraordinary impact influencer marketing is having on the customer connection and value of investment.
Influencer marketing gives a direct line to the pulse of what make’s the ideal customer’s heart beat. Advertiser’s are privy to a sacred environment that is unique and trusted by the valuable end user. Curating content that weaves in to the social and publishing platforms engages consumer’s efficaciously.

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The report unveils the reality of exactly how valuable the rate of return is for the advertising industry as they divert their interest’s into earned marketing.

This is where it get’s incredibly interesting!

“Marketer’s who implemented an Influencer Marketing program in the first half of 2015 received $9.60 (average) in earned media value (EMV) for every $1.00 of paid media spent.” Declares R1’s research, whilst they demonstrated this value has grown 1.4x since 2014. That is explosive marketing with a return of over 900%!
This value of return differs in each of the key industries, CPG Food being the leading category with $14.29 EMV for every $1.00 of paid media spent. Brand’s are not only excited about the return value but they are finding they are gaining a client base who are engaged, actively pursing the brand, purchase items and refer their social circle to the brand.

Graph Illustrating the value of Influencer Marketing

earned media
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