We all want the growth Chelseapearl had, but not all of us have experienced it. Yet. She focused on a few key techniques to explode her Pinterest traffic. Most of these strategies are straightforward and even a beginner could experiment with them.
As a blogger, you want to drive as much traffic to your blog as possible. Most use social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and even LinkedIn, but Pinterest is one platform that is still relatively underutilized by many bloggers. Not using Pinterest means a lot of lost opportunity, since this platform is great at driving massive amounts of traffic without a lot of effort. What’s even better is that if you have an e-commerce website, traffic diverted from Pinterest has been observed to have a higher chance of converting to a purchase.
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Chesleapearl’s Pin Impressions
Chesleapearl’s Pin Impressions

Chelseapearl’s blog referrals
Chelseapearl’s blog referrals

How Chelseapearl Exploded Her Traffic:

1. Tailwind

Tailwind is essentially a Pinterest optimization platform that one can use for various things including pin scheduling, analytics, connecting with other pinners, and much more. Chelseapearl recommends 30-40 pins a day, and since Tailwind can be used to publish an unlimited amount of pins, this should not be an issue. Moreover, in her experience, their “Tailwind Tribes” have helped her content be repinned and shared with an audience that is relevant to her blog. This service will also help you save precious time since you can share your pins on pre-selected pinboards with just a couple clicks. What Tailwind ultimately helps you do is automate most of the tasks that would normally take up hours of your time and helps you use Pinterest more effectively.

2. Canva

Chelseapearl (and many of our influencer partners) use Canva to create most of their creatives. Pinterest relies heavily on beautiful images, and using Canva effectively can help your pins stand out and in turn, help your traffic grow. Moreover, it is simple and intuitive enough for you to edit all the images yourself without needing external help and this makes Canva the perfect tool for most of your graphics needs. The best part about Canva is that it’s multi-platform. Meaning, you can use it on your laptop, PC, tablet and your phone and it will sync all your designs in one place.

3. Group boards

According to Chelseapearl’s experience, group boards have been a “game-changer”. She applied to 90 group boards and got selected in 60, and she believes this has been instrumental in her massive growth in traffic. In fact, she plans on applying to 25 each month, and this shows how important she feels group boards are.
That being said, it is important to choose the group boards you join (or apply to). After all, you want to join one that is relevant to you and your blog. If you have a fashion blog, joining an automotive group board might not make much sense.
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