The community has been craving for it, buyable pins. Very soon Pinterest will release a new pin that makes it easier for people to buy and sell stuff through their app on their iPhone or iPad. Yes that’s right, Buyable Pins let people buy things without ever leaving the Pinterest app.

Here at Vizified we’re going to tell you why the Buy It Button is smart new way to revolutionize your Pinterest marketing and sales!

How Do Buyable Pins Work?

It’s official, Blue is the color of the commercial future.

When you find a blue pin it means you can buy the item. On the pin will be a simple new Buy it Button. Now isn’t that easy? When you’re looking for a more specific item you can find it by using the blue price filter. This price filter (the blue $ sign) filters the search results by price. A cool, touch controlled, vertical slider lets you slide up and down in price to find the product that matches your specific budget. Nail your results down even more – filter by colors – when the item comes in different colors you can select those too, don’t you just love it? Time to get buying!


The Buyable Pins Payment is Safe and Secure

More and more people are using apps for social media. This is no different for Pinterest. Buyable pins are optimized to make your buying experience go more smoothly. Using Apple Pay and other verified paying methods you can be absolutely sure your credit card info is completely secure. Not even Pinterest will store or share your information. So sit back, relax and buy the things you want to buy, with just a few taps on your screen. You can go to sleep without a worry.

What Happens Once The Buyable Pin Order Is Processed?

Once the purchase is made either through Apple Pay or your Credit Card then Pinterest safely sends all the relevant order details (credit card data and address info) through the businesses own checkout system.

Once these details are received then the business merchant can complete the order exactly how they would normally on their site. Pinterest is working with both
Stripe and Braintree – Pinterest wouldn’t handle users’ credit card details directly.

how-buyable-pins-workHow Buyable Pins transactions work. Pinterest isn’t involved in the actual payment process.

What Makes Pinterest A Great Place To Sell?

Did you know that 87% of Pinterest users have purchased something they saw while Pinning? Even more amazing is that the average order coming from Pinterest is $140 or more. That is HIGHER than ANY OTHER SOCIAL MEDIA PLATFORM.

Screen Shot 2015-06-23 at 16.42.06

The arrival of Buyable Pins will mean huge things for the future of e-commerce and social selling – allowing businesses to use their social channels as an extension of their storefront, like a visual marketplace.

One of the biggest advantages for businesses using Buyable Pins is the lack of a seller’s fee, nor is it taking a cut of the merchants profits. If you’re a business which qualifies then buyable pins are completely free.

What Does This For The Consumer?

For consumers, Pinterest has been a place for finding products that inspire you and make a few discoveries along the way. Buyable Pins will make it easier to go immediately from pin to product purchase, removing any extra steps like trying to find the item online.

]4 buyable pins guide

The whole checkout process was built for mobile and with over 75% of Pinterest users on mobile then this makes strategic sense. It is launching initially on iPad and iPhone but will soon roll out on Android soon.

Another amazing feature is that once you’ve used the Buy it Button, Pinterest will store the user’s personal information – therefore removing the fiddly pain point of typing in credit card details on a mobile.

Visual Step by Step Guide For Buyable Pins:

1. Find the products you love with a Blue Pin. Filter by price or color. how-buyable-pins-work
2. Click on the new Buy It
3. Click on the preferred buying option: either with ‘Apple Pay’ or ‘Buy with Card’ how-buyable-pins-work
4. Make sure payment details are correct. Hit the payment CTA. how-buyable-pins-work
5. Done. You will now get an email with buyable pins purchase information.buyable-pins-payment

Need to know more? Watch the video below for a general overview of Buyable Pins.

Pinterest Partners  – ‘Wide Range Of Offers’

When buyable pins are released you’ll be able to choose from a wide range of offers. This includes brands such as Macy’s, Demandware and loads of Shopify stores. With the help of Shopify stores and some of the world’s largest brands, Pinterest expects to have over 2 million Buyable Pins active by the end of July. You’re going to see the Buy It Button a hell of a lot more! Partnering with platforms like Shopify and Demandware is a clever growth strategy for Pinterest as it shortcuts the work of having to attract stores individually – Shopify, for example, has a network of over 100,000 stores.

]9 buyable-pin

Pinterest’s Buyable Pins Launch Partners:

Shopify Nordstrom Demand Ware Kate Spade Ethan Allen Macys ColeHaan  Neiman Marcus Gardeners Jo-Ann Michaels SOBU MadeSmith Poler

Getting Started With Buyable Pins

Pinterest is currently working with the ‘Launch Partners’ you see above. The good news is that if you’re one of the 100,000 e-commerce stores that use the Platform Shopify, then you can get started straight away. See below.

If you’re a Demandware user, you need to contact your customer success manager.

Here is what Demandware have to say about their Pinterest partnership:

“There are well over 70 million monthly active users on Pinterest, and many of them Pin products with the intent to buy… It’s a tremendous opportunity for Cole Haan to enable Pinners to purchase their favorite products with just a simple tap and Demandware has greatly simplified the effort for us to take advantage of it.”

– Josh Krepon, VP of Global Digital Commerce, Cole Haan

buy it button pinterest

Launch Your Store With Shopify Buyable Pins

Shopify and Pinterest teaming up with buyable pins is set to change the future of e-commerce. Now ANY Shopify store can sell their products to a unique, engaged Pinterest audience of millions. For consumers, Buyable Pins make it effortless to move from Pin to actual purchase. For Shopify businesses, this opens a door to a large new audience who just love to shop.


It makes it easier for consumers to discover the products they love through Pinterest’s guided search and them through the Buy it Button, without ever leaving the Pinterest app. No leaving the app, no tedious extra clicks – just a simple and secure method of selling your e-commerce products.


Once you’ve set up the FREE TRIAL on your site, all products pinned from your Shopify Store automatically become Buyable Pins. Shopify Stores even have the added bonus of measuring engagement and sales. Store managers can now measure ROI by measuring and tracking the number of Pins, repins, and orders using the Pinterest Channel Dashboard in the Shopify Admin Panel.

Start Your Shopify Buyable Pins Trial Today!

Not On Shopify But Still Interested?

If you’re a business who can see the huge potential of buyable pins to boost your sales then sign up below on their wait list.

Get on Pinterest’s Buyable Pins waitlist!

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Buyable Pins The Future Of Ecommerce?

Here are 3 key reasons why they will be the first social selling success story:
1) In A Shopping Mood why-get-buyable-pins
Pinterest is a platform of visual discovery showcasing the latest trends in fashion, design and technology. Users are using Pinterest to discover products they love, create ideas and then eventually purchase that product in the future.
The very nature of the platform indicates that users are means users are product-oriented and in a buying mindset for instance, 93% of pinners said they use Pinterest to plan for purchases, and amazingly ”87% of pinners have bought a product on Pinterest,” which is key for social selling.

“Pinterest users’ average order value is $123.50, which is about 126% more than Facebook users’ of $54.64.” 2) Mobile Is The Future pinterest-mobile

Pinterest is primarily mobile platform, with over 75% of daily Pinterest traffic coming from mobile apps. iPhone and iPad users will be the first to shop on Pinterest, with Android and desktop rollouts to follow. Shoppers will be able to browse by color, size, and style on the pin itself, and will only have to enter payment and shipping information once – Pinterest will store users’ data for future use.
Shoppers will be able to complete a purchase from any retailer without having to leave Pinterest and sign in or create a new account on a mobile device. Pinterest’s mobile-first strategy is a perfect fit for the platform.
3) Small-Medium Business Growth pinterest-growth
New buyable pins could actually help small businesses compete with the bigger brands, levelling the playing field, by Pin function and design. How? Consumers aren’t forced to leave the platform to complete a purchase, so therefore less likely to abandon the checkout because of the tedious ‘extra steps’ involved.
Equally, SME’s won’t have to compete with bigger brands with more resources because the new** ‘Guided search’** will mean their Buyable pins have the same chance of being discovered as any others.
All you need is a quality, engaging product image and description to create a highly searchable and shareable buyable pin.

How Vizified Can Help?

Once you’re onboard with buyable pins on your ECommerce store you need to increase your audience reach to maximize sales.

One option would be to go to Pinterest Promoted Pins. Pinterest will make money by selling Promoted Pins – these are ads that gain more views in a user’s home feed and in search. But this means that, at the end of the day, the businesses with the biggest ad budget will have the advantage – Promoted Pins are expensive!!

The good news is that businesses on Pinterest can still find an audience for their Buyable Pins organically through Vizified’s influencer platform. We promote your pins through Pinterest’s top influencers to help gain more engagement and in turn boost your sales. Vizified receive 500% more engagement on average than Pinterest promoted pins!

“500% more engagement on average than Pinterest promoted pins”

So if you want to maximize brand awareness through optimum pin engagement and in turn boost sales, Vizified is your #1 choice.


Screen Shot 2015-06-23 at 14.55.01

6 Ways To Optimize Your Buyable Pins

Are you ready To Go Ahead With Buyable Pins For Your Business? Well, here are a few best practice tips to optimize your pins so people keep on clicking on the Buy It Button.
Follow the following 6 Pinterest marketing tips for Buyable Pins success:
1) Inspire!
You want to inspire your followers. People aren’t interested in your problems. Sell your ideas, make boards about a certain lifestyle topic instead of just a board with your products. This will likely improve your sales. Ask yourself: what would you want to see while shopping?

“Visual and creative inspiration on Pinterest builds the foundations for a killer sales strategy” 2) Vertical Images = More Engagement

Tall photos look better on Pinterest than wide ones due to the way Pinterest displays photos. i.e. Pinterest doesn’t limit the vertical size of images pinned – vertical take more screen space and are more visually appealing than short wide ones. Images with an aspect ratio of 2:3 and 4:5 have 60% more repins than all other pins – an image that is exactly 544 pixels wide, a good height would be around 896 pixels.
Using photo editing tools like Canva or PicMonkey is a great way of creating these vertical images for maximum effect.
“Images with an aspect ratio of 2:3 and 4:5 have 60% more repins”
3) Showcase your Products in their best light
Did you know that very light and very dark images are not repinned as often? In fact, the repinning rate for images of medium lightness is 20 times higher than for images that are mostly black, and 8 times higher than images that are mostly white.
4) Whitespace and Faces just don’t work
Images that contain less than 30 percent background (e.g. whitespace) are repinned the most – make your product tell a story. Another amazing fact is that Brand images without faces receive 23 percent more repins. Less than 1/5 of images on Pinterest today have the presence of faces
“Brand images without faces receive 23 percent more repins.”
5) Write Powerful Descriptions
People love stories. They love to imagine your product in a certain situation. They hope it will make them feel a certain way. The best way to go about this is to stick to straightforward and simple descriptions that evoke emotion. These will give you more room on the grid visually and make your content stand out. But make sure you don’t come across as spammy or you might get lower ranking posts!
6) Clear CTA’s Win The Day
Did you know that featuring a clear “call to action” increases the engagement of a pin by 80%? With every Buyable Pin you should include a CTA with the desired action you want them to take. Experiment with different CTA’s in every pin description like “click here,” “buy here” or “click for discount.” Just like any other social media platform, you need to tell your followers what to do.
“A clear “call to action” increases the engagement of a pin by 80%?

We sure are excited that the ‘Buy it pins’ feature is coming soon. Yet another way to get those shoes you have always wanted. Even easier than could’ve imagined! Follow us on Twitter @GetVizified for more Pinterest Marketing Tips.
[12]:”>Demand Ware [15]:”>Macy’s Inc