There are so many social networks sites nowadays and all of them have their own personality. Facebook is for representing who you are and twitter for letting the world know what you’re up to. Pinterest however, has a different way: Pinterest is about your aspirations, goals and who you strive to be.

Why Brands Should Use Pinterest

The most important thing in marketing is being able to guess what will be the next hot thing, what people are aspiring to and what their goals are.
Pinterest is perfect for these people because they can easily see what’s going on with the consumer. That is why ALL businesses should have Pinterest marketing and sales strategy if they want to connect with this unique relatively untapped audience.
What’s more is that Pinterest’s main audience is female. They make up for more than 70% of the users. Research has shown that these are the people you want to get your product in front of as 87% of pinners have bought something they have seen from the platform – it is the highest conversion on products bought over any other social media platform.
What’s more? With over 70m active users and responsible for 41% of ALL social traffic, brands are finally beginning to take Pinterest seriously.
Watch below to find out why your brand should have a Pinterest Marketing strategy/presence in 2015:

Women Love Perusing Pinterest On Mobile

More than 75 percent of Pinterest “usage happens on mobile,” according to the deck. Pinterest attributes the figure to “comScore internal data.” On the following slide, Pinterest compares its mobile reach with that of Twitter, Tumblr and, curiously, Flipboard. (Facebook is noticeably absent.)
Women ages 25 to 54 spent a sum total of more than 3,500 minutes accessing Pinterest via mobile in January 2014, almost double that of Twitter (more than 1,800 minutes) and far more than Tumblr (194 minutes) and Flipboard (72 minutes), according to a chart in the deck.
The average individual female mobile Web user spent 184 mobile minutes on Pinterest in January 2014, far more than she spent on Twitter (118 minutes), Tumblr (23 minutes) and Flipboard (34 minutes
So how are you supposed to go about it? ]
1. Optimize your profile Forget about the name you signed up with: come up with something new that will stick and spark people’s interest. When writing your description be clear and tell them what you’re about. Including keywords never hurts!
2. Verify your website If you want people to trust you, you have got to get your profile verified! Instructions on how to do this can be found online.
3. Install Pin It Buttons Remember that authority we talked about? This is desirable because the more you have of it, the higher your posts will be ranked among all the others. How can you increase this amount? By adding pin it buttons next to your content!
4. Write strong descriptions People love stories. They love to imagine your product in a certain situation. They hope it will make them feel a certain way. The best way to go about this is to stick to straightforward and simple descriptions. These will give you more room on the grid visually and make your content stand out. But make sure you don’t come across as spammy or you might get lower ranking posts!
5. Set up rich pins The more information you add to a pin (price, link, address, phone number, basically how to make it easier for them to get their hands on the product offered), the more you profit! Rich pins will rank higher and make it more likely for your pin to be found through Google searches.
6. Check your links This one is pretty straightforward: if you’ve got a description linking to a website, make sure the link is correct! This means not an expired domain or typing mistakes.
7.Get More Followers You know that follow button? Well, make it your quest to put it on as many pages as possible. Use social media to promote your goods. Again, the more followers, the more authority you have on Pinterest.
8. Find your Niches The amazing thing about the Internet is that there are so many different lifestyles and interests all being expressed in one place. If you can think of it, it probably exists. Adapt your merchandise to the right groups of people and be smart about how you can link sell your product.
9. Promoted Pin Advertising This is a new one and still in its first stages: yet it’s already proving to be quite a handy tool! It’s already accounting for way more click throughs when being promoted on social media. It might cost you a little, but if it’s an investment you want to make, then go for it!
These tips should be at the foundation of your Pinterest marketing plan and we’re sure that if you start implementing them today your business will soon be awarded with increased social traffic and sales.

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