For many of us, the idea of a passion or leisurely activity that helps us earn money is something that is either not possible or not achievable. Except, it is. There are several ways you can turn your love for Pinterest into a money-making hobby without a crazy amount of effort. Hint: Think of Pinterest as a way to advertise your product to the masses with a very low investment.
Whether you want a passive source of income or get into Pinterest full-time, here are eight ways you can earn money through Pinterest:
1. Sell products
Using Pinterest as a platform to sell your products can work to your advantage. While you do have to focus on attractive images (since that is what will grab the viewer’s attention) the net returns you would earn are impressive. You could also create collages so that your images appeal more people with a single pin.
Many users have seen great results by using Pinterest’s own buyable pins feature which is a useful tool for anyone selling products on Pinterest. Since buyable pins aren’t available for all users yet, you could also consider rich pins for your store. Ultimately, enhancing the viewer’s experience is what will really help them make the decision to purchase your products.

2. Affiliate Links


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Don’t want to get into the hassle of selling your own products or drop shipping? Why not use affiliate links to your advantage? If you aren’t familiar with affiliate links, they are special links from websites like Amazon that have a code unique to you. Every time someone uses a link with your code in it, you get a commission on the sale.
There are tons of affiliate programs out there and you should really search for ones that are relevant to you. At times, programs such as the Amazon Affiliate Program do not officially allow you to link Pinterest to affiliate links, but you can always link your Pins to your blog posts containing affiliate links.
As is the case with most other methods, quality content is what will really help set you apart and do well.

3. Promote Your Services

As we mentioned earlier, think of Pinterest as a medium to advertise your product. What you must aim to do is direct Pinners to your website and get them to sign up for, say, a consultation or get them to become part of your mailing list. What we want to achieve here is for them to interact with your website and consider using your services. You can do that by using well-thought CTAs on your website for lead generation and building a strong customer email database.
This method is much more hands-on compared to some of the other techniques we have discussed since you have to be involved in every step of the way. Prompt follow-ups and replies play an important role here since you do not want them to forget about your services and what you do. Moreover, late replies send a negative message.

4. Become an Influencer

This method is mainly for those of us who already have a sizable following or a very good engagement. For those of us who have successfully gained a large following or have a good engagement, you could consider partnering up with big brands and work on paid promotions.
What you are essentially doing here is helping these brands get traffic using your followers. Most of these brands pay handsomely, but it is important to understand that your earnings largely depend on how many clicks and saves you have on your Pins since that is what will eventually help drive the traffic to their websites.
If you are confused about which brands to work with, consider influencer management services such as

5. Become a Pinterest Consultant

Have tremendous knowledge about how Pinterest works and how brands can leverage it to their benefit? Consider providing your services to brands and become a Pinterest Consultant.
Your job as a Pinterest Consultant is to help brands understand Pinterest marketing and design Pinterest marketing strategies.
As a Pinterest Consultant, it’s important to be aware of how exactly Pinterest and its users work, executing Pinterest strategies, among others. You really need to be somewhat of an expert, after all, you will be responsible for a brand’s presence on Pinterest

6. Advertising

We’ll be honest – the popularity of advertising as a revenue-generating source might be on the decline with alternatives such as influencer marketing and affiliate links on the rise. That said, it could still be a great choice depending on your niche and type of content.
For the unaware, you can earn via advertising networks such as Google AdSense. Essentially, they put up ads on your webpage and you get paid a certain amount every time a viewer clicks on the advert.
One major advantage of Pinterest as a platform is that it’s great for driving traffic. You could leverage this creating a web page with ads on it and driving traffic to your webpage using Pinterest. Afterall, you will be paid based on the number of viewers who click on the ads, and this is directly dependent on the traffic your website gets.

7. Sell a Digital Product

Digital media is ranked high because it is very convenient and easy to consume, and not to mention cost-effective. Consider authoring eBooks, designing courses or making educational videos about topics you have expertise in and sell them online at a fair price. Not only will this lead to sales revenue generation, but it will also help establish your personal brand.
There are several internet users who provide various types of coaching services, online mentoring, etc. and earn a pretty penny doing it. If you are not comfortable authoring a book or making videos, you could consider these options as well, or you could do both!


The beauty of these monetization methods is that you could use a combination of various different techniques to achieve your target earnings. You could, for example, direct traffic to your blog in which you have a sponsored product along with affiliate links for it and have ads running on this website.
You could also sell your eBooks or educational videos or provide coaching or mentor services. Protip: use email marketing and run ad campaigns to promote your videos or services and increase reach.
The best part about using Pinterest as a revenue-generating platform is that you can work wherever you are comfortable, whenever you are comfortable. Moreover, the potential to earn is virtually limitless, with numerous people earning millions from social media websites like Pinterest. If you are good at something or are passionate about it, this could be a great source of passive income.
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